Feature highlights

With world leading safety, comfort and audio design, the XC40
Recharge pure electric ticks every box.

Google built-in

Best-in-class navigation

With Google Maps seamlessly integrated in the pure electric XC40 Recharge, real-time traffic info and automatic rerouting helps you reach your destination with less hassle.

Google Play

Stay connected to your digital life. Google Play in your pure electric XC40 Recharge lets you enjoy the apps and services that can make every journey more entertaining and convenient.

Google Assistant

Talk to Google in your pure electric XC40 Recharge for hands-free help. Easily get directions, enjoy entertainment and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues – just say “Hey Google” to get started.

Always up to date

The pure electric XC40 Recharge receives automatic over the air updates, ensuring you enjoy a car that keeps improving over time and is always up to date.

Digital services package

All data included
With all data included, our Digital services package conveniently harmonises you, your pure electric XC40 Recharge and your digital life.

Google built-in
You’ll get your favourite apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps, and more on Google Play right in your car for a helpful, personalised and seamless driving experience.

Volvo Cars app
Optimise convenience and get more from your Volvo. Our Digital services package includes remote services via the Volvo Cars app.

The pure electric XC40 Recharge is supplied with up to four years subscription to the Digital services package. After this period, new terms apply.

Comfort and tech

Cleaner cabin air

Our advanced air purifier system prevents up to 80 per cent of hazardous PM 2.5 particles entering the cabin. This can help you and your passengers enjoy better and healthier air quality, no matter the conditions outside. You can even monitor particle and pollen levels outside the car.

A helping hand

Our advanced driver assistance technology can help you maintain a safe distance to cars in front by adapting your speed, keep your car centred in the lane, inform you when it’s time to resume driving and even bring the vehicle to a complete stop in the event of an unresponsive driver.

App remote services

Subscribe to a Digital services package and enjoy full access to all the remote services in the Volvo Cars app including locking and unlocking, cabin pre-cleaning and heating or cooling and charging start.*

* The Volvo Cars app remote services are enabled through the Digital services subscription. It is included for up to four years from the retail delivery date if the car is new. After this period ends, new terms and conditions will apply.

Harman Kardon Premium Sound system

Beautiful sound for the senses
This premium optional audio system delivers a refined sound performance you can feel all around you. No matter the genre, it immerses you, moves you and lets you enjoy every moment.

Immerse yourself in music
The system is powered by a 600W digital amplifier and enabled by 13 hi-fi speakers including an air-ventilated subwoofer. Tailored to your Volvo’s interior acoustics, a powerful, immersive sound experience awaits.

Optimised speaker performance
Unique sound processing software – Dirac® Unison Tuning – optimises the response of each individual speaker as well as the speakers as a system, ensuring they perform in perfect harmony.

Assisted Safety

360° parking view

With four cameras providing a 360° view and flank sensors increasing awareness of objects at the side of the car, our system can help you park confidently even in confined spaces.

Reverse with confidence

Cross traffic alert with autobrake supports the driver when reversing with limited view. The system can detect vehicles crossing behind and if needed, the autobrake can be applied.*

Ease stress in busy traffic

Our blind spot information system (BLIS) provides active support when changing lanes. If there is a risk of collision with other vehicles in the adjacent lane, BLIS can subtly adjust steering, helping keep you, your car and your loved ones right where you mean to be.

Stay in lane

Your Volvo can send a subtle vibration through the steering wheel and help steer you back to the centre if you unintentionally start to drift out of your lane.

Avoid collisions

Day or night, our intelligent safety assistance technology can help you detect and avoid other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and large animals. It does this by first warning the driver then autobraking if the driver fails to react.**

Protective body structure

Advanced body structure and a unique battery safety cage are designed to help protect all occupants in a collision as well as to help protect the occupants of other vehicles.

* Driver support functions are not a substitute for the driver’s attention and judgment. Cross traffic alert may have limited functionality in certain situations. Brake intervention is only active at lower speeds.
** Vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists moving in the same direction of the car can be detected under certain speeds and in certain conditions. Detection systems are dependent on objects being illuminated and require the vehicle’s front and rear lights to be working when it is dark. Driver remains responsible for safe driving at all times.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options. Google, Google Play and Google Maps are trademarks of Google LLC.